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Omnia 7 - Engine Failure out of the Box
Last Updated a year ago

We have found that the Engine Failure issue is often caused by a loose firewire cable connection during shipping.

This firewire cable runs from the firewire card (easy to see) to the front edge of the bottom I/O board at the right side (not easy to see) because the motherboard is on top of it.

Here is a procedure to check that connection:

01) Remove power from the unit and then remove the top cover.
02) Remove the 4 motherboard screws
03) Slide the motherboard over enough to remove the aluminum plate screw under the port on the left side.
04) Remove the other 3 plate screws
05) Lift the front edge of the plate until the firewire card disengages from the PCI-e socket above it and you'll be able to see the other end of the black firewire cable plugged into the front edge of the I/O board on the right-hand side.
06) Check/reseat and/or replace the firewire cable as needed (rightmost black cable plugged into the front edge of the I/O board).
07) Lower the plate/MB assy. very carefully so that the firewire card plugs properly back into its PCI-e socket.
08) Line up the holes in the plate and replace the 4 plate screws.
09) Line up the motherboard holes and replace the 4 motherboard screws.
10) Replace the top cover using all screws before applying power to the unit.


If after verifying the connections you still experience an Engine Failure then please get in touch with us as we will have to generate an RMA for you and ship the malfunctioning device to the manufacturer.

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