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Do you repair Omnia.9 power supplies?
Last Updated 6 months ago


This article applies to the power supplies used in the Omnia.9 audio processor regarding repair or replacement.


Customers will often ask if the power supplies in their Omnia.9 can be repaired. These are an OEM power supply that is designed to be easily replaceable making field replacement possible without having to remove the unit from service. For this reason, we do not repair them.

Identifying your power supply

There have been two versions of power supplies used during Omnia.9 production. When ordering replacements, it is important to know which one you have.

Original version

This is a single slide-in module that has one has a thumbscrew that secures the module in place.


If you need a replacement supply contact us and ask for pricing for Part Number 1281-00116-100.

Newer Version

This is also a slide-in module, however, it has a sliding latch that holds the power supply in place as shown here.


If you need a replacement for your newer power supply, please contact us and as for pricing and availability for Part Number 1281-00150-100.

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